Margus Niitsoo was a competitor at EUCYS 2005 where he learned that the ability to communicate his findings is at least as important a skill as actually doing research. While studying for his degrees in mathematics and computer science in University of Tartu, he actively sought ways to also improve his skills in communication, becoming a teaching assistant in university, joining a science popularization initiative and also taking as many psychology courses as he could fit into his timetable among his own courses. However, his love of mathematics did not fade, and despite the new interests, he still managed to finish his BSc and MSc together in just 3 years instead of the usual 5, which was followed by another 3 years of PhD studies in theoretical cryptography. This briefly made him famous, as he was the youngest person to get a PhD in Estonia at just 24 years of age. Obsessed with teaching and finding ways to improve it, he was then offered the job of curriculum manager which allowed him to work not only on his own teaching but also to find better ways of organizing the curriculum and finding means to support both students and lecturers in their pursuits. He thoroughly enjoyed the work, but felt that he needed to see the world outside the academia as well and so headed for the industry. Currently, Margus is the CTO of a small music education startup that is developing a tool for automatic assessment and feedback of musical performance, which again allows him to combine his twin passions of teaching and computer science.