Lina Tomasella is an astronomer at INAF OAPd (Italian National Institute for Astrophysics – Astronomical Observatory of Padova). She has a degree in physics and a PhD in astronomy from the University of Padova. Her research interests are devoted to the physical properties of explosive astrophysical objects, supernovae and optical transients, in collaboration with Padova-Asiago SN Group. The whole scientific production is summarized in about seventies refereed papers and in over 650 between IAU Astronomical Circulars and ATel (the Astronomer’s Telegram). She was member of the Time Allocation Committee for TNG (Galileo National Telescope, La Palma) and LBT (Large Binocular Telescope, Arizona) from 2012 to 2014.She lives and works mainly in Asiago, where there are the telescopes and instruments operated by the Astronomical Observatory of Padova. In Asiago she is also the Institute based coordinator and head of outreach activities. Lina won a top prize in the 1st EUCYS, Bruxelles 1989.