Dr. Attila Borics graduated as a chemist and a chemistry teacher from the University of Szeged in 2001, then received his PhD degree in 2005 from Creighton University (USA) for his contribution to the field of chiroptical spectroscopy and conformational analysis of peptides. Currently he is working in the Biological Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Szeged (Hungary) as a research associate and teaching structural biology and bioinformatics at the University of Szeged. His research focuses on biomolecular structure, more specifically protein and peptide structure and interactions, conformational analysis and structure-activity studies. This includes the investigation of the three dimensional structural determinants of the biological activity of various neuropeptides, structural explanation of the mechanism of action of enzymes and receptors, location of interaction sites of proteins and the study of the interactions between native and semi-synthetic proteins and cell membrane.