The Contest Exhibition will take place in Space X events centre and Viktoria Centre.

The historical factory building has been converted into a modern spacious and comfortable events and party centre. Space X is a multifunctional room in the modern business environment of Ülemiste City in Tallinn. Due to its minimalistic and functional concept, inspired by the unlimited cosmos, the room can be used in its available form, or it can be customised according to the needs. The Viktoria Centre links the past and present and offers best experiences in organising various events.




The Welcoming Dinner on the 22nd of September will take place in the Seaplane Harbour. The Seaplane Harbour accommodates one of Europe’s grandest maritime museums. You are invited to see the authentic submarine Lembit from the 1930s, a Short 184 seaplane, mines, cannons and many other life-sized exhibits. The Seaplane Harbour, including the Seaplane Hangar, was built to become part of Peter the Great’s naval fortress 100 years ago on orders from the Russian emperor Nicholas II. The architecture of the Hangar is remarkable, featuring the world’s first columnless thin-shell concrete domes of such volume. The building was used for seaplanes until the Second World War.

The Opening Ceremony of EUCYS 2017 on the 23rd of September and the EIROforum lecture on the 24th of September will take place in Ülemiste City in the restaurant Dvigatel. The restaurant is named Restoran Dvigatel as a reference to the wagon construction plant that was located in the area. The restaurant building has been comprehensively renovated and it caters daily more than 1500 customers in Ülemiste City.



The dinner and evening event on the 23rd of September will take place in the Energy Discovery Centre. Energy discovery centre is a unique electricity and energy themed science centre where you can discover, play and learn. The exhibitions are focused on the creation of educational programs and activities, in particular engineering, natural and real science. The centers most interesting exhibits of the “Energy Exhibition” is the Tesla generator in a Faraday cage. Unique in Europe, it allows to demonstrate 3-meter lightning bolts. Also the lightning bridge that allows us to demonstrate Static electricity, a net charge of an object.


The evening event on the 25th of September will take place in the Art Museum of Estonia, KUMU. Kumu is the headquarters of the Art Museum of Estonia, as well as the largest and most impressive exhibition venue in Estonia. The museum opened on 17 February 2006. In 2008 Kumu received the European Museum of the Year Award. This is a noteworthy international recognition of Kumu’s aspiration to become a truly contemporary art museum, which is not just dedicated to collection, conservation and exposition, but is a multifunctional space for active mental activity, from educational programmes for small children to discussions about the nature and meaning of art in the modern world.

After dinner you will be able to choose between the following exhibitions at KUMU:

The Award Ceremony on the 26th of September will take place in the Estonia Concert Hall. Estonia Concert Hall is situated in the very heart of Tallinn, sharing home with Estonian National Opera and Ballet Theatre “Estonia”.

This neoclassical imposing building is a symbol of Estonia’s political and cultural power. Traditionally, the most festive events are held here, including receptions of Estonian President and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

No other hall in Estonia can compete with Estonia Concert Hall in combining history with flexibility and beauty with adaptability. The Hall promotes its own Concert Season of prestigious visiting artists as well as being home to the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

The Farewell Party will take place in the evening of 26th of September in the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The Song Festival Ground was built in the 1960s for Song Festivals. Last half a century has changed its status to be the symbol of dignity, freedom and freshness. Under this arch we have sung ourselves free and during their world tours different pop- and rock stars have performed here. The arch can hold more than 15 000 people, in front of it almost 300 000 people have stood side by side to sing. There are several conference rooms and concert halls in the rooms under the arch. The Farewell Party will take place in the Glass Hall on the second floor, which is the main hall of the Song Festival Grounds. It is very spacious, light and has a beautiful view.